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I'm Lauren

I was born a natural empath, with gifts that connected me to other humans, animals, spirits, and beings.


From a very young age, I noticed that I felt what others were feeling. I was aware of deeper truths, and could see and feel energies that others couldn’t. I grew up in the Colorado Rocky Mountains (in a haunted house!) where I was surrounded by nature and animals. I have always had an affinity for rocks and gemstones, animals, trees, sunshine and fresh air.


Growing up, I spent most of my time outside, alone, in nature, exploring and connecting with Mother Earth. 


At the age of 5, I had a “rock club”. We would gather and trade rocks, and assign them “special powers”. I could look into them and see different scenes and messages, (my gift of scrying).


Although I was extroverted and social, I had a feeling I was different and did not fit the mold of my peers. I have always needed a lot of time alone and have danced to a different beat than most.


At the age of 19, I learned to meditate and it changed my life. Through this meditation practice at the age of 21 while my friends were going off to college, I was taking vows as a monk and lived within an international spiritual community for 18 months. This is where my spiritual journey truly began as it set the foundation for my awakening and my other spiritual practices. I’ve been meditating daily since April 2004.


At the age of 26, I became a registered nurse. I was always drawn to the healing arts, to using my hands,  to natural and medicinal remedies, and most of all, helping others. I have a passion for supporting and leading other nurses, and helping them to find their best life through self care. I was also married this year to the love of my life and have been with my partner for a decade now.


By age 30, I became a mother to my son. Becoming a mother created a huge awakening for me and was a catalyst for my childhood gifts resurfacing. Birthing my son and creating life through my body felt like an initiation and opened up my creative and intuitive energy unlike anything before.


At 36, year 2020: During quarantine, when life slowed down immensely, I took a course on How to Read the Akashic Records, and was surprised by how easily I could channel. I met the Pinnacle, the group of Pleiadian Energy I work within the Records, and they have been guiding me ever since.

In 2021, I took Holy Fire Reiki I & II Training in Portland, Oregon. During my attunement, I had a clear vision/remembering that I had learned this practice before in a past life and was very familiar with using my hands to heal. I was surprised that through practicing Reiki on others, that I was also healing on a very deep level in a very muti-dimensional way. I did not anticipate the style of Reiki that was born through me which in reality is a combination of channeling, visions, past lives, contact with spirits, and meditation. Reiki comes more naturally to me than any other healing practice.


Still a Colorado Native, I enjoy singing, dancing, exercise, fitness, nutrition, shadow work, travel, nature, camping, family time and my wonderful group of friends.

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