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The Healy

You may have heard of Microcurrent therapy, as it has been used for years within the medical field. It is a type of frequency therapy that is typically given through placing electrodes of some kind on the client, connecting them to a huge industrial machine and delivering frequency therapy. It is only accessible through making an appointment with a practitioner, (for which they can charge hundreds or thousands of dollars per session). 

The Healy is a small wearable device with only a one time payment and it does a lot more than just deliver Microcurrent therapy.


It has three different ways of delivering frequency therapy, making it very unique and unlike other devices.

A Bioresonance Microcurrent + 

Quantum Frequency Device

The first was mentioned above, which is Microcurrent therapy. The Healy comes with electrodes that physically connect to your body and deliver frequencies.


The second is through Magnetic Therapy: when you use the Healy Coil, (a small flat magnetic that hooks into the Healy) it creates a Magnetic Field around you, called a Taurean Field that essentially “pulls in '' the frequencies.


The third and most mind blowing, is the delivering of frequencies through space and time (through the Quantum Field) with its unique and one of a kind Quantum Sensor. If you’ve ever learned about Quantum Physics, you may have learned about Scalar Waves.


Using these waves through the Healy Device transmutes any energies that are out of balance by delivering healing frequencies that help to neutralize what energies are not in Coherence.

The simplified process of using the Healy is this:


First you create a Profile for yourself or a client within the Healy which records your/their unique vibration.


Then the Healy scans your/their Bioenergetic Field and identifies any densities or imbalances, and creates a report you can read and/or go over with your client.


Then it sends unique healing frequencies to yourself or the client based off of the scan.


There are hundreds of unique frequency programs within the device that you can choose specific programs for things like pain, depression, anxiety, etc.


However, the Healy will always pick up on the deeper and more subconscious levels of incoherence than we can in our conscious minds, and so using the scan daily is ideal.

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There are also up to three different ways to scan your/client’s bioenergetic field.

  • The first is the Resonance Scan, which picks up on more physical densities in the body, mind, emotions.

  • The second is the Aura Scan scans which gives a detailed report on each of your chakras.

  • The third is the Coaching Scan, which allows you to set an intention and scans to see what densities are in the way of you living this intention.


The intention can be about relationships, career, self-love, spirituality, healing trauma, breaking free from cycles, financial goals. There really is no limit.  The Coaching Scan also gives information on where these densities come from whether it's from your parents, your grandparents, your ancestors, negative thinking, bad habits, limiting beliefs, etc.


This is the modality I use in my Quantum Coaching Program where we take a deep dive together to identify and dissolve blocks that may be preventing you from living the life of your dreams.

As Humans we are a self healing species, but we are exposed to so many low frequencies on a daily basis, everything from environmental toxins, to fear. The Healy doesn’t “fight” these frequencies, it strengthens our biofield to its optimal function, and leaves us in Coherence. Coherence is harmony between the body, mind and soul. It gives us access to our highest potentiality, our original essence, our natural blueprint. Coherence is how we design and create our lives from the Quantum Field. Unlocking a deeper connection to the Quantum Field empowers us to be our own healers, our own teachers.


It allows us to lead ourselves in a sovereign and empowered way. It also helps us to Quantum leap, shift timelines, and create abundance in any area of our lives we choose to focus on. It assists us in rewriting our Akashic Records the way we choose to.

Is there really a difference between working with the Quantum Field and working with the Akashic Records?

Both are multidimensional, beyond space and time, and can affect the future and the past simultaneously. It is our natural birthright to write our present moment, history and future in a way that is aligned with our true nature. Holding dreams, visions, and desires are the Divine flow of creation moving through us and we are designed to express and embody this, fully. It’s co-creation with the Universe.


Are you ready to access your Divine Design?

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