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Hi, I'm Lauren

I am dedicated to holding space for anyone willing to dive into the many dimensions of their soul and provide them with clearings, insights, clarity, healing and transformation.

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messages from the cosmos

The magic that surrounds us daily is often unnoticed. 

In 2020, Earth shifted into a new energy frequency, allowing us to access healing on a soul-level. My spiritual gifts were born intuitively during this time.


My intention behind using these healing practices with others, is to address the energetic root of any physical, emotional, or spiritual shadow, and to bring in the light of unconditional love.

The energy I work with is high-vibrational and beyond space and time, often crossing over lifetimes and following the journey of the soul.




Learn more about customized Reiki healing sessions.


Card Readings

Learn more about customized Oracle Card Reading sessions.

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Akashic Records

Learn more about customized Akashic Records Reading sessions.

If you’re contracted to work with me on a soul level, then welcome here.

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