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Free Will versus Contracts, the Power of Choice

What if making simple day-to-day choices catapults your life into a whole new timeline, and a new path is set before you?

Past lives and Soul Contracts are often what I learn about when I go into the Akashic Records. We use the word ‘Past’ but from what I’ve experienced, these lives/other existences are not in the past at all, but in fact happening simultaneously. Quantum physics says the Multiverse is Infinite, meaning that any and all Realities do in fact exist somewhere. From what I’ve seen, linear time only exists in this dimension and was a mental construct created by humans. So while there were technically ‘Past Lives’ on the Earth plane, other lives and dimensions are actually spinning around us constantly in the eternal present moment, similar to the rings endlessly spinning around Saturn.

What this means is we are constantly accessing the wisdom (and the lessons) from these lifetimes as we bump up against them. There can be similar themes from the ‘past’ that arise in such as past lovers, addictions, lessons, or personality traits like Leadership qualities or Victim mentality. Some of these lessons we have the opportunity to completely transcend this time around, (big theme of ending Karmic Relationships in this lifetime) while others are meant to be repeated/experienced for our Soul evolution.

Personally for me, working with the Records was like I was given the Key to All Possibilities. I’ve seen my own lessons and themes, and this awareness has given me the power to make different choices and to access new and different timelines. I have seen karmic bonds dissipate that have been keeping from my own full potential and self-sovereignty lifetime after lifetime. I have called in support from other lessons and lives that have served my growth immensely. Basically I can tap into any experience to access the tools I need for any given situation or theme. It has allowed me to completely transcend fear and trauma I thought I would never live without. Now I love nothing more than to give these insights to others through readings.

Are you curious about the lessons, relationships, themes that your Soul chose on its journey? Is there something keeping you stuck, in fear, or playing small in this life? Sign up for my Akashic Records Reading Session. Receiving a reading that connects you to your Soul gives you the power and autonomy to access any and all timelines. The Records hold the energetic recording of your soul’s entire existence. We are constantly recording NEW information in our Records with the choices, thoughts, emotions we experience every single day. Think of it as an energetic library with new pages and chapters written and added in every moment.

If you could access new timelines, which ones would you choose? What kind of life would you create?

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