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The Divine Feminine ….is making her comeback.

This is an energy that lives within all of us on a micro level and there is also a collective energy we are all a piece of, with both masculine and feminine qualities. For as long history has been recorded, we have existed in a more masculine society. The Age of Aquarius, the fifth dimension, is calling us back to HER. To balance what has been created with what IS and WILL be created on our beautiful Earth, as well as in our own lives.

How has this shown up for me? I have always been belief and action-oriented. Growing up, my mother played the role of both father and mother. She is successful and a high achiever and was able to provide for my family growing up. My perspective of the masculine was very distorted, until my mid-thirties. Still to this day, although I would consider myself successful, I put tremendous pressure on myself to fulfill all of the roles in my life.

As soon as I connected to my own inner guidance, I’ve been receiving messages to just BE. To allow, to receive, to FEEL. This is the Divine Feminine calling me to find my homeostasis again as a woman. I am constantly inspired by other women leading with their feminine and calling upon their masculine energies, only when needed. What I have tapped into is an infinite creative energy that has birthed the most amazing gifts. Beautiful friendships, projects and SO much PLEASURE. This is the Feminine that I was extremely cut off from. Now I am finding ways to EMBODY the feminine through Mother Earth energy, spending time in nature, singing, dancing, finding pleasure in the most mundane day to day activities. It’s this embodiment that has continued to bring me into higher alignment and continues to do so. When you allow and receive what is gifted to you in each and every moment, there are infinite gifts awaiting.

My biggest lesson in this life has been to trust, and to let go. To live in the present moment and fully receive what life is presenting to me no matter what it looks like, through my feelings and emotions. I can clearly see the habits and the tendencies to resist, to close off, to shut down, (my masculine energies that attempt to take charge, control, protect). Now that I have fully recognized this within myself and learned about my past lives within my Records, it all makes perfect sense to me now and life has given me FULL permission to trust my path and feminine intuition. I am so beyond grateful for the beautiful women in my life that have inspired me along the way.

How can you allow more pleasure into your life today?

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