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The Rock Club: Crystal Scrying

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

It all started in childhood.

I vividly remember creating my “Rock Club” with the neighborhood children.

In the club, we collected and traded rocks. We would set them all out on the sidewalk in front of our homes to discuss each one, (where it came from and the special powers it had). From the young age of 5, I could feel the magic within each stone. I had stones that were for good luck, some I knew were not originally from Earth, some were for healing and magic, some helped keep me safe at night. I ALWAYS looked for special rocks while out in nature. Growing up in the mountains, Mica was everywhere and the sparkle would always catch my eye. To me, it was like diamonds covering the ground. I would pack Fool’s Gold into my pockets and feel like I was rich beyond measure.

I remember collecting seashells in the same way, whenever my family would visit the beach. I’ve collected them from all over the world and still have them to this day. Like stones, they carry the energy from the places which they came from. As a Scorpio, I have always felt connected to the ocean and any/all bodies of water.

Like a lot of intuitive children, at some point I shut off my gifts and connection to stones. I’ve had many special stones gifted to me over my lifetime, that I kept and protected, although I had forgotten why. It wasn’t until my 30’s and after I had my son that I started to remember. I had been gifted a very special necklace by my best friend, with a rare stone only found in the South Westlands of New Zealand, called Aotea. Aotea is an extremely precious stone that connects us to the Divine Feminine Energy and Mother Earth. It was when I started wearing this necklace that I started to remember, due to experiences I had while wearing it and a complete knowing that it was protecting me and divinely guiding me. Memories from the Rock Club came flooding back to me, the magic, the shells, the sand, the mountains, the rich connectedness of the Earth and Mother Gaia, and the ability I had to stare into stones and “see things” (which I later recognized as my spiritual gift of Scrying). I felt so elated and expanded, and everything started making sense again.

To this day, I use stones in all of my spiritual practices. I have an adult group of friends I have recreated the Rock Club with, and we enjoy gifting, trading, borrowing and scrying through different stones. My gifts were there the whole time just waiting to be rediscovered. Today, I have a huge crystal collection, I carry and/or wear them almost everywhere. When I walk into crystal stores, I am very sensitive to all of the different energies and feel called to specific stones often. I love gifting them and charging them with Reiki energy. I know that through my incredibly special connection with rocks, gemstones and crystals I’ve been able to help myself and others expand spiritually, to grow, to heal and even to manifest.

Curious? Sign up for my unique Crystal Scrying Energy Healing Session. Simply send your soul questions to me and I will use my beautiful collection of crystals to channel the answers to your questions with divine guidance and then send you a unique energy healing performed from a distance. During this treatment, a healing crystal grid is activated, chakras are cleared, guidance is channeled, and oracle cards are pulled. Following the healing a full transcription will be sent via email describing what was felt in the energy field, along with recommendations and guidance. Distant and virtual Sessions Only.

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