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We Are Seasonal Beings

Just like Mother Earth, we are Seasonal Beings. It is a part of our human nature. Especially as women or those who identify as female, we have a cyclical pattern in almost everything we do, and also in how we feel. However this is an aspect within ALL of us. As Earth has started moving into a more Female Collective Energy, I have noticed this on a macro and a micro level. It is a time to embrace all that life has to offer and feel things on a whole new Soul level.

Taurus Season has been all of these things, (and then some) for me. It has been an invitation to slow down, to take that eternal pause in every moment I remember, and RECEIVE what life is presenting me. Now that we are in the full swing of Springtime, I notice new life all around me, as well as new beginnings. The seeds that I had planted so long ago have finally come to the surface and bless me with their abundance. As I reflect on the past year, there was so much Winter and darkness, which took me deep inside myself for many months. Now as we enter our first Eclipse Season of the year, I have witnessed death and rebirth in so many areas of my life and inner being. So much growth occurred as my Soul’s plan continued to play out. I came up against my old self and ways of being time and time again, and questioned my path continuously. It took so much trust, faith and surrender to keep going and trust my divine guidance as my reality transformed.

Even now as I find myself on bigger and even more unknown horizons, this year has laid a foundation of trust that I have never so deeply experienced. The invitation continues to be to RECEIVE, to keep my heart open, to look within for the answers my Soul already knows.

Curious about receiving intuitive guidance from your Soul ? Sign up for one of my Akashic Records Readings. The Akashic Records are a complete vibrational history of every thought, experience, emotion and interaction of every soul that has ever existed since the beginning of time. They are so energetically detailed, that every single thought, every emotion, everything you’ve ever experienced has been imprinted into your Record. This equates to infinite information. The guidance I receive and give to you, is specifically FOR YOU, from the highest realm of the Records. Simply send your Soul questions to me and I will enter into your Records, performed from a distance. I will send you a full and detailed transcription via email of all the information that comes through for you. If you choose to add a virtual follow up visit, we will go into greater detail together and answer any further questions you might have about the experience and the process.

Distant and virtual Sessions Only.

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