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Where the Soul Meets the Body

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been intrigued by my physical body. I have always enjoyed physical activity and exercise, I played ALL of the sports, as did my siblings and parents. We were a very active family and I always had extra energy to burn.

As a young adult, exercise became more of an aesthetic thing over time. It was about achieving results and a certain physique. Especially after my son was born at age 30 and my body changed dramatically, my “regimen” became somewhat unhealthy. Not only that, but I also became a promoter for a wellness drink (that has amazing health benefits and I’m still obsessed with it to this day!) and found myself becoming overly regimented with diet and exercise. After a few years of this, I found exercise and nutrition repelling. I slid into some unhealthy patterns on the opposite side of the spectrum. As women especially, this is so common and can be a rough road. We try to make self-care a priority, put our families first and are expected to balance everything perfectly. We compare ourselves to others and put them on pedestals.

It wasn’t until my awakening in 2020 and when I started to reconnect with my inner child self, that I could see this all so clearly and how much my relationship with my body had become unhealthy and fragmented. I had truly gone from one extreme to the other and had found myself unhappy and disconnected from my body on either side. I knew I loved my physical container and I wanted to find that same joy I had as a child… when I felt GOOD and my body didn’t feel like my limitation, but my tool to find alignment within my soul.

I started feeling a strong desire to exercise again. I felt this need to PUSH my body and crave physical challenges. I actually WANTED to sweat, I wanted to feel myself break through limitations with my determination. I started experiencing cathartic workouts where I could physically feel my spirit within my body. All the emotions I had pushed away or subconsciously resisted were RELEASED from my energy field. I felt like a kid again, I felt the freedom I had been craving my whole adulthood before diet and exercise became so distorted on my path. It quickly became a catalyst for growth.

Now I find myself using exercise as well as fasting and other wellness practices as spiritual tools. I have unpacked so many beliefs I had about the health industry and how I fit into it. I used to believe I couldn’t be spiritual and sell a wellness drink, or take workout selfies. I can clearly see now that the purpose behind all of these practices is finding and experiencing that very point where our physical and spiritual bodies merge and feel into this exact juncture, becoming curious about what is there. Knowing deep down that my “physical” practices are in fact energetic tools I have utilized my entire life without being aware. I have fully given myself permission to step into this authentic part of myself again, and I’m clear that I don’t have to choose to be a “certain way” anymore.

This is me, in my fullest expression. Cellular and spiritual health are a huge part of why I’m here, to share and inspire others to find that exact juncture where the soul meets the body.

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