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Holy Fire Reiki

Reiki Energy is a high-vibrational healing frequency that comes from the higher realms. Reiki Healing is an ancient practice that focuses on the “whole person”. It addresses issues of the  body, emotions, mind, spirit and/or  soul.  As the practitioner, I  allow divine guidance to determine where and what to send the Reiki to.  There are also times I channel the internal wisdom of a variety of energies, to name a few: the higher self of the recipient, guides, deceased loved ones, ancestors,  star beings, spirit animals, angels and other ascended light beings.  I often see past  lives and hear specific messages. Common experiences for the recipient following the session are: clarity, emotional lightness, peace, closure, detox, relaxation and an increase in overall wellbeing. Often people walk away with a deeper understanding of their own spiritual gifts and the path of their soul.  My Reiki sessions are a combination of energy scanning and healing, visions and invocation of higher consciousness  energy using traditional Reiki symbols. I often incorporate crystals, tarot and/or oracle cards. Distant and virtual sessions only.

45- Minute Distant Reiki Healing with Email Transcription $ 99

45-Minute Distant Reiki Healing  with Email Transcription +

45-Minute Virtual Follow-Up Session  $144


The Akashic Records are a complete vibrational history of every soul that has ever existed since the beginning of time. Think of them as a metaphysical library, (not physical but energetic). Every single person has an Akashic Record and every single person can access their own Akashic Record. The Akashic Records are so energetically detailed, that every single thought, every emotion, every interaction you’ve ever experienced has been imprinted into your Record. This equates to infinite information. When I access the Records, it is through a team of Pleiadian guides that are from the highest realm in the Pleiades, they are called the Pinnacle and they also work closely with the Council of Light. They have a very distinct loving energy, and they can be whimsical and even rhyme sometimes. Receiving a reading that connects you to your Akashic Records can give you insight, peace, healing, and can put you into direct contact with your “team” (Angels, Guides, God, Spirit, Jesus, Your Soul, Your Star Family, Your Soul Family, Deceased Loved Ones, Spirit Animals, and most of all, Your Highest Self). Some may find the reading very activating and energized, others may find it a very relaxing and peaceful experience. Oftentimes, the reading will affirm what you already know in your Soul, and will allow you to take more conscious or courageous action in life.


Distant and Virtual Readings Only.

45- Minute Virtual Akashic Records Reading  $ 111

45-Minute Virtual Akashic Records Reading + 45-Minute Virtual Follow-Up Session  $ 177

Akashic Recordings Readings

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Soul Consultation- Start Here

Not sure where to start? Book a free 20-minute phone consultation with me and we will explore together what is drawing your Soul to this space. Whether this a gift for yourself or a loved one, we will take a brief deep dive into the different types of healing available through the Soul work that I offer.


Phone Sessions Only.

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