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Quantum Coaching

Do you feel a calling you need more clarity on, do you want more abundance, more love, or a deeper spiritual connection?


Maybe there’s a habit you’ve been trying to change but it’s been too difficult.


Do you need more courage to do something you know you want to do but just aren’t sure how?


Maybe you have a huge dream and don’t know where to start.


Is there a certain experience you went through that is keeping you small?

Using the Healy’s Coaching program and other uniquely designed components, we work together in this customizable 3-month program I like to call, Quantum Coaching.


We will work through a process that will focus on an area of your life that your heart desires to improve, or to move forward in.

the quantum coaching process

We will hone in on the top 3 things you’d like to bring attention to during our work together and focus on one per month.


Each month, we will go through a unique process to find your Quantum Intention using an Intention-Setting Workbook, A Quantum Awareness Tracker, Weekly Quantum Frequency Treatments.


You will also receive:

  • a print out of customized affirmations to use on an ongoing basis 

  • weekend Voxer Access to ask any questions or share your experience with me

  • 1:1 Monthly virtual follow-up sessions

  • weekly Healy frequencies


Holy Fire Reiki, The Akashic Records and Oracle Card Readings are other services that can be layered in upon request, and have additional but discounted costs.

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what is the Healy?

In short, the Healy is a small device that does a lot more than just deliver microcurrent therapy.


It has a unique Quantum Sensor that allows the owner to conduct scans from a distance and to deliver frequencies through space and time (through the Quantum Field).


If you’ve ever learned about Quantum Physics, you may have learned about Scalar Waves.


Using these waves through the Healy Device transmutes any energies that are out of balance by delivering customized frequencies that help to neutralize energies that are not in Coherence.


To read more about the Healy Device, please see the Healy page on my website.

Lauren Corray-Smith Brand Kit Updated 2023.png

a further breakdown of our work together

A lot of little steps happen in between you reading this page + becoming a 1:1 quantum coaching client, but the process generally looks like this: 

  • After a consultation call, I will send you all of the paperwork to get started as well as an Onboarding Questionnaire and your first intention workbook.

  • Then I will create a client profile for you in my Healy including information from the Onboarding Questionnaire and your Intention/focus, then it will scan your bioenergetic field to see what densities are in the way of you living this Intention.

    • The intention can be about relationships, career, self-love, spirituality, healing trauma, breaking free from cycles, financial goals. There really is no limit.  

    • The scan will give us a print out of detailed information on where these densities come from whether it's from negative self beliefs, subconscious/learned behaviors, poor choices, etc.

    • Because we are working in the Quantum Field, it can also give information on densities that come from your parents, your grandparents, your ancestors/past lives, etc.

  • We will work together in our sessions to identify and dissolve these blocks that are preventing you from living the life you desire, in addition to sending you the weekly Healy frequencies.

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