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Timeline Shifting + Quantum Manifestation

Have you noticed an increase in abrupt timeline shifts recently? This has been happening to me more and so I wanted to share my thoughts with my beautiful community.

The way I see it is that we have been taught by society that we create these paths, which can feel like a “straight shot” and we think that as long as we follow this direct path, it will get us to our goals. Then all of a sudden, we are on a different path that is heading a completely different direction. Something shifts and takes us to another place, just like when we are driving on the freeway and realize that we are now on a different freeway altogether. It leaves us wondering how this happened, what wrong turn did we take and we can’t seem to put the pieces together. That’s what an abrupt timeline shift feels like. It can even feel a little destabilizing and leave us feeling shaken up. However, what I am learning in my own life experience is that these shifts are actually helping us become more multidimensional. Let me explain.

We are learning to disconnect more and more from this idea that there is in fact, a well laid path before us. So when timeline shifts happen, it teaches us to be flexible and to shift with the times and realize we don’t have to hold onto what was, anymore. We’re in fact NOT destabilized at all, we’re learning to become very surrendered to what presents itself. So when we do find ourselves “off track” we can say to ourselves instead, “Wow, I’m on an adventure, I’ve made this huge shift into a different place, maybe THIS is where my soul is moving me and this is the next step in my growth.” We are always in motion, and the lesson of multidimentionality is to be ok with this and to find peace within it. This is what I’ve observed within my own lessons, as I get more and more comfortable with finding myself in unexpected places or situations.

What’s so ironic for me, is that I spent 18 years on a “spiritual path” thinking I was making my way towards enlightenment. What I realized at a certain point (at first subconsciously, and then BAM, it hit me like a bolt of lightning) was that my believing I was on a certain path was exactly what was keeping me from it. In fact, I had no path. This was such a different energy for me to find myself in. It felt so freeing. It helped me to live more by my intentions, so that I can go in whichever direction is needed in the moment it presents itself. So as a healer and an alchemist, I can go where my help is most needed and where my soul lessons lie. This requires me to surrender to the shifting of timelines and to trust I am divinely guided by my soul, and no other. There really is no better feeling or way to live.

This is also the difference between the outdated Law of Attraction and Quantum Manifestation. Quantum Manifestation requires much deeper levels of healing and growth. It requires deeper layers of receiving, allowing and coming home to yourself, being happy with yourself, choosing yourself and not forcing or pushing. Trusting because you know your desires are already all in your quantum field.The process is simple: you set your intention, you feel every detail of it as much as possible, and then you let it go. The when/where/why/how simply disappears, yet at the same time, you are aligning your frequency with your intention/goal/desire without even trying. Then miracles begin to arrive. We’ve all experienced this, when these beautiful synchronisities show up in our life with little to no effort at all. In Quantum Manifestation, you continuously meet yourself where you are at knowing that the things you desire, you may not have the energetic capacity to hold just yet. You honor your frequency. You choose yourself, and honor and respect the timelines. You hold the frequency of love for yourself and your journey throughout the whole process, with safety and a feeling of security, so that when it does come you know it’s because your frequency aligned with it and that you CAN hold it. It is a constant surrender to the unfolding, while using your free will to focus your intentions, simultaneously.

Whether you are actively practicing Quantum Manifestation or not, I personally believe that these timeline shifts will continue to increase in frequency and intensity. This is the energy of the current times on both an individual and collective level. So remind yourself and others, that the more flexible we can be, the easier it will be to become more multidimensional, and to manifest the lives of our dreams, and beyond!

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